East Austin Weekend

1 + 2:  Launderette |  Saturday Lunch 3:  Cuvee Coffee Bar  |  Nitro Cold Brew 4:  Sa-Tén | Toast   Where are your favorite East Austin spots?  

Austin Tour with Kids

Recent family visit came with a 9 and a 11 year old.  Cousin Kacey was visiting from South Korea with her husband and kids.  Mom flew in from Oklahoma to join the party.  I’ve been waiting for Kacey to visit ever since the mention of the trip few years back but I didn’t think it … Continue Reading

2014 Recap

When did it become 2015? I sound like a broken record. I’m always so surprised about time passing. Before I forget, here are some of the memories of 2014. JANUARY I lost a necklace that was a gift from my Mom. I found it again at the restaurant where I last ate while wearing the … Continue Reading

Back in Austin

I think my depression of coming back has come to an end. Last week and weekend was fully back to Austin mode, doing things that make me fall for Austin all over again. Hump Day was spent on top of the graffiti walls of HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Dinner with friends I don’t get to see … Continue Reading

Back in America and Feeling Unsettled

  It’s been the longest week. It feels like it took a month for last week to pass by. That’s strange because normally time passes too quickly for me. It feels so different to be back in Texas. Only a week ago I was in Korea and now I’m here. I may feel differently if … Continue Reading

What I Learned from My 20s

My 20s has been an enormous roller coaster.  I was not very good at living on my own.  I was trying to find myself, wondering what I need to do to shape my future.  I will be turning 30 in just couple of days.  Honestly, I’m relieved to be closing that chapter since it was … Continue Reading

2013 in Review

Stealing this idea from Curious Notions. J a n u a r y Started out the year with lots of fresh flowers and tea. It’s been one year since fostering Bugsy. Made a trip to Vegas. I’m so over Vegas.   F e b r u a r y I smashed Baby’s tail while trying … Continue Reading

Changing Zip Codes – Moving in Austin

I moved! Still staying in the same city though. It’s bitter sweet because I finally started really living in my condo. I kept moving in and out of it. Rented it. Used it as an office. I was back to living in it and closing in on home projects and really starting to pull the … Continue Reading

How to Host on Airbnb.com

Airbnb.com can be used as a great tool to make some extra cash with a rental property or find a place to stay during your travels that makes you feel more like a local than a traveler.  Before you host, here are 10 tips on hosting on Airbnb from someone who manages many rental properties. … Continue Reading